Mr Jago VNA Pics


I love Duncan Jago’s work & I love Duncan Jago…. So shooting some promo pics for him was a win win situation. Longtime friend and street artist extraordinaire Mr Jago hired me to shoot for his upcoming  show NIL. The article was originally featured in VNA magazine.


Artist Profile: China Mike


For years know I’ve known China Mike as the guy with the bumblebee haircut, rockin dean lane skatepark with his noseblunt powerslides, 60 ml wheels and sleek, stylish cruising posture. He was one of the original rippers I saw when I moved to Bristol, the late 90’s baggy cargo panted rejects that made up skateboarding at that time with a penchant for cheap cans of beer, house parties and waxy curbs.

In the years since then I’ve grown to realise that Mike has another secret talent in that he is a world renowned contemporary artist spawned from the post Banksy era and part of the onslaught of Bristol based street artists turned contemporary professionals. His work is in a world of its own when it comes to surrealism. You could say that he’s part impressionist, part oddcore, part surrealist, part fine art.. but why not let the man speak for himself before we all pretend we’re art critics.

INTERVIEW COMING SOON – for now check his site & China Mike Art facebook