A selection of old and new skate edits from Bristol and beyond that I’m uploading while we’re all in Isolation or on lockdown. It’s all stuff I’ve come across from various past projects and captured for one reason or another – or it’s just something rad but forgotten that’s worthy of a re-up. Kinda helps keep the creative juices flowing. I’m going to keep adding to it as and when so check back in, or insta for regular updates ๐Ÿ™‚

Above video is from Viewfinder, the classic british skate video magazine and the only series of it’s kind to actually be any good. In fact it’s a national treasure – featuring Will Ainley, Tim Crawley, Joe Habgood, Danny Wainright, Paul Alexander, and many more. Big up to John Cattle who made these (follow his shop wight trash on the Isle of White) and credit all the filmers Tidy Mike, Steve Faherty, Lee Jordan and anyone else.

Below is the Intro section for my Insitu video from many years back. It was amazing how many people contributed footage – meant I could include a whole host of skaters. Ben Powell gave me stuff with people like Mike Wright, Mondon came on trips and shot the likes of Welsh Tommy, Tom Lock and Chewy Cannon. And Tidy as ever came through with plenty of gems from the locals like Will Ainley and unseen bits from legend like Rodney Clarke. also check how gnarly Leo Sharpe is when he puts down the school security.

Below is the original taster tape that led to Paul Alexander’s documentary being commissioned for Vice (see I said I’d share some rare items ๐Ÿ™‚
ps Paul’s first name is Solomon (but nobody calls him that).

InSitu: Cornwall and Brum Sections (below) – this was an independent skate vid I did when I graduated from Uni about 15 years ago. Biggups to Tidy, Dykie, Mondon & anyone else who filmed on that project.


Events Reel

I’ve covered all kinds of events from festivals across Europe to corporate conferences across the globe. I shoot & cut myself and in large teams and have provided official coverage for Elrow, Seth Troxler, Printworks, Alfresco Disco, Block 9, Ministry of Sound, Eats Everything, Boomtown festival, Red Bull, Love Saves the Day, working with production partner Chris the Film Smith to cover events for Watchguard, Agiloft & many more. I’m experienced in working with talent and stage managers. I also produce story based content and social cuts.

I Directed & filmed this documentary/promo for Eventbrite featuring many artists and journalists from the music industry such as 6 music’s Mary Anne Hobbs, Team Love, Alfresco Disco, Morning Gloryville, Kojey Radical and more. This is probably the best example of combining my events filming with storytelling.

I directed & filmed this documentary/promo on Boomtown’s harm reduction policy.

I also shoot plenty of corporate events for Brands such as L’Oreal, Red Bull, OVO, Nike, Sleep & Eat, Decorex & Converse.