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Director of Photography: Danny Brown Music Video ‘ODB’

Danny Brown re-visits Bristol this November.. and indeed the rest of Europe on his XExhibition tour. Since first filming him in 2014 for the above music video at the Thekla night club in Bristol, I’ve watched him go up and up.. I’ve also produced a lot of video work with his choice producer Paul White.
It seems there’s no stopping mr Brown as he teams up with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Earl Sweatshirt on this new track.

Before I even knew who he was I’d met Danny brown, acquainted him and his crew with some quality Bristol goodness and filmed him performing a number of takes for a music video, in our local nightclub which is also a boat – the THEKLA. The Thekla is known for its trademark Banksy skeleton scouring the bow of the ship and its long and reputable record for holding some great gigs. I seem to remember seeing Massive Attack there when I was a student to so the place has a lot of history. The shoot was a last minute gig and I was quite taken aback by the music and pretty amazed by Danny’s technique of stringing words together like some sort of melodic crackhead (just first impressions – I’m a fan now).
All said and done it was great to shoot someone so gifted and with such a rep in the Hip Hop game, it was also great to add another Ruffmercy credit to my name. I think the vid has gone past a million and got me a place on Promo News which I’ll take for a DP credit!

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