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Pro Skateboarder Billy Rohan Talks About Living with Bipolar Disorder

Seeing this film come out is great. It’s another very moving account of a skateboarder’s experiences with mental health issues. I couldn’t help but think maybe Billy had seen Paul’s Vice film  and maybe drawn something from it. I sent him my congrats on Instagram and got this in reply (referencing my Paul Alexander film:
“yeah man I watched it and was blown away at how talented he was / is and its a very similar story. You did a great job on that piece and it’s good to know we’re not alone in our struggles. Cheers and if you come to NYC hit me up”

Here’s the Vice blurb:
Billy Rohan has the reached the highest of highs and the lowest of lowest during his career as a professional skateboarder.
He’s gone from placing in some of the world’s top contests & having coverage in every major skate publication to sleeping on the street, to being named the New Yorker of the week for his work getting skateparks opened, to back on the street again.
At the center of all of this has been Billy’s battle living with bipolar disorder, it has what has cause his career and life to be derailed multiple times. Billy is doing better these days and trying to get his life back together by starting at square one again. Vice spent a day with him skating around the LES with him to catch up and see how he’s been doing.

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