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Shooting Loyle Carner & Tom Misch X Ruffmercy

Always stoked to have any sort of Ruffmercy credit. This footage was originally shot for a Paul White music video one early morning around 6am at some scenic bristol hotspots and local wooldands. But instead it got used for this Tom Misch track, ‘Crazy Dream’ featuring LoyleCarner, as the background visuals. Loyle Carner is one of my favourite artists so stoked to have done anything he’s involved with. It’s also been great getting to know the music of Tom Misch who is super mellow and super talented.

a reminder of Loyle Carner’s recent dopeness

my first video for RuffMercy with Blue Daisy “Used to Give a FUCK’
probably the biggest use of the word fuck in anything I’ve ever filmed.

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